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Okayplayer Seeks Answers to Murders of TuPac and Other Rappers


The immortal words of The Notorious B.I.G. ‘If you ain’t gettin’ bagged stay the fuck from the police’ ring deep and true. The boys in blue have never been friends to the hip hop community, or the disenfranchised.  We could look into this nation’s incarceration rate of black people, or the many unarmed black people killed by police, but […]



We first featured Marta Jovanovic in Issue #11 when we included some pieces from her survey show at New York’s BOSI Contemporary and introduced our audience to her interdisciplinary practice of questioning identity and sexuality. When asked to do something political specifically for the “Uncensored” theme, she used the opportunity to live out a performance dream that’s been evolving for the past two […]

Caught in the Act

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Any photographer who says he’s not a voyeur is either stupid or a liar.– Helmut Newtonbustier by L’Agent by Agent Provocateurshirt by Kenzobriefs by American Apparelbra and panties by Eresshoes by A.F. Vandevorstnecklace & bracelet by Swarovskishirt and suit by Kenzodress by Kiki De Montparnassesandals by Jason Wucuff by Ye Mingzi by Atelier Swarovskitrousers by Salvatore […]

Zhang Dali – Squares


Chinese graffiti artist Zhang Dali’s Squares is made up of statues of Chinese migrant works in their daily garb, and free flying doves all in pristine white plaster. The of the series refers to Tiananmen Square, the site of the famous 1989 protest and massacre. Dali’s scenes, though realistic in detail are imagined. There are no […]



The art world is not what it used to be. The presence of the internet along withcopious amounts of new technology has opened doors for the artist to be able to explore art in ways that have never even been imagined before while alsoredefining who exactly the artist is. Most importantly though is that this evolutionhas brought […]

Brighten the Corners


While we’ve filled these pages with exposed flesh, candid quotes, controversial artists and the like, what’s often most censored from the end result is the process behind the images themselves. Whether employing Photoshop, or merely lighting and angles, most of the images seen here have been manipulated in some way to deceive the eye and perhaps the viewer all for the […]