Skipping Stones

Skipping Stones

Sadly, Fall is coming to an end. Let’s relish in the final moments of bearable temperatures and skip some stones.CREDITSphotographer JEN SENNhair & makeup LIBBY ROSEmodel FRANCINNE TACCA @ MUSELook 1 & 6pants & top TOPSHOPfur NASTYGALLook 2sweater TOPSHOPstockings FOREVER 21shoes DR. MARTENSLook 3romper & sweater URBAN OUTFITTERSshoes DR. MARTENSLook 4top & shorts TOPSHOPshoes MODEL’S […]

Ferguson Decision


Ferguson DecisionBy Jake FreemanThere is something wrong with our country. A little over 24 hours ago the fate of Michael Brown’s murderer was decided. Crowds amassed in cities throughout the United States in preparation for the verdict. Darren Wilson, an officer of the law, would not be indicted for the fatal shooting of an unarmed, […]


Dead Dawn

DEAD DAWN“Live Near You” PremiereAdd a splash of 80’s punk to a blend of Kurt Cobain and Joan Jett and you’ve got DEAD DAWN. The Los Angeles based quartet practically bleeds the authenticity of rock n’ roll. Their latest track “Live Near You” tells a haunting and visceral tale of living low in the city […]

Denim Daze


We’ve said it time and again…we just LOVE denim. It’s a versatile classic that everyone must have.CREDITSphotographer QUENTIN MAIGNIENart director & stylist AURELIA BOULENGERhair YUMIKO HIKAGE @ LEBIGUE ONEmakeup MAKE ME by ENZOmodel ALINA ZOLOTYKHLook 1shirt LEEjacket CYCLEpants BALENCIAGA DENIMshoes JUST CAVALLILook 2shirt PAUL & JOE SISTERpants LIU JOshoes AMERICAN RETROlook 3shirt DIESELoveralls HOLLYWOOD TRADING […]

Music Recap 11.25

Charli XCX

Music Recap 11.23By Greg ManiaThis is a very special edition of our weekly music recap! Why, you ask? Well, because I finally plucked that stubborn unsightly nose hair! But besides that, Her Holiness Beyoncé released the platinum edition of her self-titled studio effort with two new bonus tracks for our listening pleasure! Can you say, […]

True “What I..


True“What I’ve Lost” PremiereWritten by Jake FreemanTrue: a funk filled, electro-charged, music powerhouse that’s reminiscent of 1980’s synth bands. The swiss duo’s latest video “What I’ve Lost” speaks on the bitterness of losing more than you gain in any and all scenarios and we’re debuting it here. Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the video […]