Its The Maybes That Will Kill You


Look #1 rollneck ZARAtrousers MANGO PREMIUMshoes Proenza Shouler rollneck ACNEtrousers AUTOGRAPH BY MARKS & SPENCERjacket TOPSHOP UNIQUEearrings MARC JACOBS Look #2 rollneck ZARAtrousers MANGO PREMIUMshoes PROENZA SHOULER Look #3 rollneck ZARAtrousers MANGO PREMIUMshoes PROENZA SHOULER rollneck ACNEtrousers AUTOGRAPH BY MARKS & SPENCERblack coat MANGO PREMIUMgrey coat VINTAGE  Look #4 rollneck ACNEjumpsuit MANGOshoes PROENZA SHOULER rollneck ACNEtrousers AUTOGRAPH BY MARKS & SPENCERjacket TOPSHOP UNIQUEearrings MARC JACOBS Look […]



Clothing : Brand – FENG/ FENG STUDIO SS17Photographer: Min Huang @minhuangstudiostylist :Feng @fengkitchenyouandmeHair: Melody Morales @mel_mor_hairMakeup: Mandi Li @mandili.muaModel: Diana Carl@ Photogenicsla @deecarl 

Metallic WaterFalls


Bikini top and skirt from Chan Luu ( – @chanluuofficial) Earring from Erickson Beamon ( – @ericksonbeamon) Top from Chan Luu ( – @chanluuofficial) Skirt from Asos ( – @asos) Earrings from Joanna Laura Constantine ( – @joannalauraconstantine) Dress from Use Unused ( – @useunused)Ring from Erickson Beamon ( – @ericksonbeamon) Top by Chan Luu […]

The Jeweller


Sleeveless Overcoat & Trousers : ANDREWMORRISONEarrings: Laruicci Gold Sash: WXYZ Jewelry Lace Top: DenibiTrouser: ANDREWMORRISONGold Choker: GBGH Jewelry Gold Armband: IZA by Silvia D’AvilaGold Rope as Epaulette: IZA by Silvia D’Avila Top and Trouser: ANDREWMORRISONAll Jewelry: Aoko Su Jacket : Laurel DeWittEarring: LaruicciNeckpiece: Erickson BeamonBra: Agent ProvocateurTrousers: ANDREWMORRISONGloves: LaCrasia Leather Coat: Laurel DeWittTrousers – ANDREWMORRISONSeptum […]



lilac suit VINTAGE THIERRY MUGLERsequin beret VINTAGEsocks STYLIST OWNheels VINTAGEwool coat VINTAGE ALAFASS OF ICELAND red wool jumper LOLA’S URBAN VINTAGEmaroon boots VINTAGE VERSACEstriped socks STYLIST OWNiridescent button up LOLA’S URBAN VINTAGE yellow silk dress VINTAGE MAILLE DE FRANCEred silk cape STYLIST OWNtwo face bag LOLA’S URBAN VINTAGE purple leather suit STYLIST OWNsheer flower blouse […]

Free Fall


Jacket: Dolce & Gabbana AW 2003Tank Top: Stylist’s OwnPants: Vintage Sonia RykielShoes: BatesGillet: Ann DemeulemeesterJacket: D&GTank Top: Burberry ProrsumPants: Dolce & Gabbana SS 2004Mask: Alexandre PlokhovJacket: Dolce & Gabbana AW 2003Sweater: Jil SanderDolce & Gabbana: AW 2003Jacket: Dolce & Gabbana AW 2003Scarf: Rick OwensHimJacket: Dolce & Gabbana AW 2003Pants: Dolce & Gabbana AW 2003Shoes: Rick […]