Written by Anne Alexander
Illustrations by Stacey Toth
Tinderology is the brainchild of illustrator Stacey Toth and author Anne Alexander that explores what happens when pop culture meets the cosmos meets Tinder. Let the Zodiac guide your thumb in that age old debate to swipe right or to swipe left.

You can find the zine in New York exclusively at the Self Salon locations in Bushwick and Williamsburg, or order online directly by emailing Tinderology@gmail.com. It retails in stores at $6 and $8 online, including shipping. 

“We ordered another round. Drunk In Love pulsed through the speakers. I wondered if it could be true for us.”

I was at the bar with friends. My phone buzzed in my back pocket and I pulled it out. New match. It was 2:15 in the morning. A second buzz. New message. Hey, what’s up? It said. Fifteen minutes later you showed up.”

We asked for the bill and when it came you had gone to the restroom. I wasn’t sure if it was intentionally so I’d pick up the tab, but I did anyway.”
We got off the train at the last stop. It was a beautiful day and the boardwalk was crowded with young families looking for an affordable vacation and other interlopers like ourselves entranced by sun soaked buildings and the awkward attractions.”

I’d thought it was impossible but your profile captured my attention beyond just your likeness. My wanderlust was ignited by the traveling you’d clearly done. When we’d matched I realized I couldn’t rely on you messaging me, and so I typed the words to ask you out.”

Miley Tindering: 
Printed in a limited edition run of 69 copies, one copy has this special Tindering Miley at the end. If you happen to be the lucky recipient there’s a custom hand drawn illustration with accompanying note from the creators waiting just for you. If you find her take a picture of your edition and contact tinderology@gmail.com to claim your prize.