There’s been a bondage moment happening for quite some time now and we’re still not over it. Lingerie has entered the everyday and we couldn’t be more excited. Let’s get ready to show some skin.CREDITSphotographer NICOLAS GUÉRIN ropes BÉRÉNICE JONATHAN DADOUNmakeup OPHÉLIE SECQmodel HEA @ MAJORLook 1bra  BORDELLE @ MISE EN CAGEskirt MODEL’S OWNLook 2mask PAUL […]



Elegance, poise, and of course, white. These effortless spring looks will keep your wardrobe light, bright, and full of understated elegance.CREDITSphotographer BENJO ARWASstylist SOPHIA PHONSAVAHNhair & makeup NICOLE CHEW @ ART DEPARTMENT using R+CO & KOHGENDOmodel MARIA SENKO @ WILHELMINA LALook 1top YUMI KATSURApants ELISABETTA FRANCHIjacket MISGUIDEDhat GLADYS TAMEZ MILLINERYLook 2dress FALGUNI & SHANEjacket CALVIN […]

Molly Crabapple

Molly Crabapple

Molly CrabappleWritten by Lori ZimmerMolly Crabapple will not be silenced. The New York artist has come a long way from nude modeling and doodling, asserting herself as an important political voice, pen and brush of the art world. Whether she’s on the Islamic front in Syria sketching, writing an article for VICE, or working on […]

Who’s Who?


Man or woman? Who cares. Androgyny is on the rise and we’re taking part.“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar WildeSee the making of “Who’s Who?” on Oxygen’s Living Different. CREDITSphotographer MATT LICARIstylist POLAR BURANASATIThair BRITTAN WHITEmakeup JESSICA PLUMMERmodel RAIN DOVE @ MAJORLook 1choker ZANA BAYNErobe LARS ANDERSSONvest ASHER LEVINEpants SIKI IMLook 2bra BODYBINDScoat […]

A Proper Pairing


The look of something is often far different than the feel. Give your wardrobe a “hands-on” approach with textures you just can’t stop touching. It’s the perfect pairing. CREDITSphotographer E LEON MYERSstylist FRANCESCA MAROTTAhair ANNA ESTELLA PATTERSONmakeup & art directon MYNXII WHITEmodels DARIA PERSHINA & JANAINA REIS @ LA MODELSLook 1choker ZANA BAYNEbra LOVE LUANAcuff CHARLES […]

Noir Et Blanc

noir et blanc

Noir et blanc: the perfect contrast. The all or nothing pairing of black and white finds its roots in the science of sight. Black represents the absence of all visible color, while white is a blending of them all. These perfect opposites attract to form a timeless juxtaposition.CREDITSphotographer MIKE CHARDstylist ALEJANDRO PERAZAhair & makeup SARAH […]