Soldier Girl


Words by Greg ManiaThose who serve their country from a young age are unequivocally exposed to a myriad of heart-rending and calamitous situations that test the limits of their emotions. What they see and endure echo the call of duty they’ve chosen to answer, the rights and freedom they’ve fought to preserve, and the sacrifices […]

Nouveau Punk


Punk is getting a makeover and it’s about time it did. The nouveau punk is cleaner and sleeker, and that much more fun. Get ready to join the new order.CREDITSphotographer PAOLO TESTAstylist ANASTASIA FOKINAhair & makeup CAROLINA ANTONINImodel MURIEL BAEL @ ELITELook 1top POTTER COLLECTIONskirt MARIA KE FISHERMANshoes DR. MARTENSear cuff PSYCHEbracelet & necklace WXYZ […]

Black Magic


Raw and refined, feminine and masculine, structure and disfigurement: what more could a girl want with womenswear? This witchy combination comes courtesy of Potter Collection and WXYZ Jewelry and we can’t get enough. If you’re sporting either brand, you’ll be sure to cast a spell on all who see you.CREDITSphotographer PAOLO TESTAstylist ANASTASIA FOKINAmakeup YURKAI […]

Body Language


Geometric jewelry adds a modern edge to any outfit. Organic shapes are out, constructed shapes are in. Get with the program.CREDITSphotographer JEFFREY PEARSONstylist SHAUNA MCCANNhair CLAY NIELSENmakeup TIM PEARSONmodels FRANCESCA DELLA RUSSO @ WILHELMINA & GABRIELLE KAGAY @ THE LIONS NYLook 1LEFTtop KENZOskirt DKNYsandals STEVE MADDENnecklace WXYZ JEWELRYbracelet PSYCHERIGHTdress TOGAbracelet WXYZLook 2LEFTdress PREENsandals BIRKENSTOCKnecklace H&MRIGHTtop […]

Queen of the Stone Age


photographer ANGELA HAUstylist TOYO TSUCHIYAhair SONG HEE @ ART DEPARTMENTmakeup MARK EDIO @ SEE MANAGEMENTphotographer’s assistant MERLIN VIETHENmodel OXANA ZUBKO @ SUPREMELook 1dress NOVISbra PHOENIX KEATINGcolored necklace WXYZblack necklace I STILL LOVE YOU NYCLook 2dress KOONHORnecklace WXYZLook 3blazer SURFACE TO AIRhalter OSKLENskirt RICHARD CHAInecklace WXYZbracelet I STILL LOVE YOU NYCLook 4top KAELENskirt LINIEbelly chain LADY […]