The Affair


“We could’ve skipped this part,I could’ve thought you how to love yourselfI waited patiently,I hoped that you will be the one to come to meI TRY TO TALK TO YOU,I thought that you would recognize the needThat you had deep insideBut you have to get there by yourself!I don’t understand how we could loseTell me […]

Rebel Without a Cause


“You can wake up now, the universe has ended.”– Jim Stark, Rebel Without A CauseCREDITSphotographer LIU-ZONGYUANstylist NEWHEART OHANIANproducers LUZ PAVON & VICTORIA PAVONhair HAIR BY ELSA using ORIBE for SHULY NYcolorist AURA @ LALALAND ARTISTSmakeup FUMIAKI NAKAGAWA for MAC COSMETICSstylist’s assistant LUIZA SOLANOmodel ADRIANNA BACH @ FUSIONLook 1vest LIE SANG BONGjacket, dress, & panties MILLYchoker […]

Fashion Recap 9.5


Fashion Recap 9.5By Cady langBrangelina got hitched this week and Angelina Jolie wore a custom Versace dress, but the nuptials that should really get sartorial hearts racing is the marriage of Angelina’s ex, model Jenny Shimizu and fashion darling, Michelle Harper who wore a vintage Oliver Theyskens’ Rochas gown. Read more on The Cut.Image via New […]



The fetishes that enslave us also liberate. Glamour galvanizes, turns the coveter into a drooling wreck of desire. This obsession with possession gives fashion its power.Needs are overrated – give us what we want.CREDITSphotographer & creative director TODD PENDUstylist RENE GARZAhair ALEKSANDRA SASHA NESTERCHUKmakeup MARK DE LOS REYESmodel EHREN DORSEY @ NEXTstylist’s assistants JORGE RUBALCAVA, […]

Color Code


Set in an abandoned building somewhere in Moscow, “Color Code” blends wares from the likes of fashion greats (Christian Dior, Versace) with up and coming Russian designers. From warm to cool and every corner of the color spectrum, you’ll find the perfect color coded look. CREDITSphotographer EMMIE AMERICAstylist KIRILL AKIMOVhair & makeup SOFA KAPLANmodels DIANA KHUSEYN @ ULTRA, […]