Brooke Candy – Submerged


<br /><p>Interview by Greg Mania</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Inarguably the sovereign of hood, ex-stripper turned rapper Brooke Candy is firing rhymes hell-bent on empowerment and liberating women’s sexuality. Announcing her arrival in the rap game with her smash single ‘Das Me’ last year, Candy has caught the attention of more than just an armada of Tumblr cyborg-babes and selfie-obsessed […]

MS MR Takes Coney Island


MS MR Take Coney Island Interview by Cady Lang   What’s the story behind the name, MS MR?   When we finally acknowledged that we were a band and needed a name there were a few ideas that we wanted to incorporate or reference. We wanted something grandiose but not pretentious that alluded to the […]