Music Recap 4.28

heidi klum

Music Recap 4.28By Greg ManiaOkay, Spring, stop giving us just the tip. Please give us consistently warm weather so we can move on to mooching off our friends who own air conditioners. But we’ll bring something to the table, fortunate friends with temperature-controlled rooms, and that is a SUMMER PLAYLIST! How can you say no/please […]

Music Recap 4.6


Music Recap 4.6By Greg ManiaHappy belated Easter, darling readers! I hope you wore pastels because if not that means you hate Jesus!!!! But, on a happier note: there is LOTS going on in music this week! I hope you have room on your spring playlist, because there are some must-haves from this past week!First up […]

Music Recap 1.21

FKA Twigs

Music Recap 1.21By Greg ManiaI’m not going to lie; the middle of winter is a little bit of a Gwyneth Paltrow. Oh, you should know I’ve replaced saying “buzz kill” with “Gwyneth Paltrow.” This is why I’m always on my toes to find music that will get me through until the sun stops setting at 2 […]

Music Recap 1.13

Sia Elastic Heart

Music Recap 1.13By Greg ManiaIt’s that time of the week! Time to go lie outside with all of the disposed Christmas trees accumulating on the street because it’s only Tuesday and you’re already over this week. What, you don’t do that?! Oh well—but it’s also time for our weekly music recap! I neglected to put the babe of […]

Music Recap 2014

music recap 2014

Music Recap 2014By Greg ManiaIt’s the Holiday season! Or, as I like to call it, “Shit, I should probably get gifts for people I care about!” Gifts are a great way to tell people how you feel about them. For example, a handmade present means: “I am fervently committed to expressing how much I care […]

Music Recap 10.28

Taylor Swift

Music Recap 10.28By Greg ManiaIn case you live under a rock (which I don’t recommend—I sublet under one for a year once; it was awful), Taylor Swift’s highly anticipated album 1989 dropped yesterday and it shot to number one only a few minutes subsequent to its release. My condolences to anyone who tried to release an album yesterday.Check […]