OOFJ Acute FeastWords by Kurt McVeyImages by Dirk MaiThe lovely couple behind the dark and operatic OOFJ discovered each other in quite the Shakespearian fashion. Katherine Mills Rymer, a South African beauty and the band’s vocalist, was acting on stage in a New York City production of The Bard’s Twelfth Night back in 2011 when suddenly, […]

Music Recap 4.28

heidi klum

Music Recap 4.28By Greg ManiaOkay, Spring, stop giving us just the tip. Please give us consistently warm weather so we can move on to mooching off our friends who own air conditioners. But we’ll bring something to the table, fortunate friends with temperature-controlled rooms, and that is a SUMMER PLAYLIST! How can you say no/please […]

Music Recap 4.21


Music Recap 4.21By Greg ManiaPhew! I thought I wasn’t going to be able to write this week’s music recap. I’ve been stuck at the doctor for HOURS and I don’t want to divulge too much of the gory details but it involves The Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge and me trying to one-up everyone by using the bare floor brush […]

Music Recap 4.14

Amy Schumer

Music Recap 4.14By: Greg ManiaThere’s a 10 in 10 chance that approximately 12-14 seconds before clicking on this link, you scrolled past something with the word “Coachella” in it. Luckily, yours truly was able to get the exclusive on this year’s latest and hottest activities at the nationally recognized music festival! Head over to BULLETT to check […]

Music Recap 4.6


Music Recap 4.6By Greg ManiaHappy belated Easter, darling readers! I hope you wore pastels because if not that means you hate Jesus!!!! But, on a happier note: there is LOTS going on in music this week! I hope you have room on your spring playlist, because there are some must-haves from this past week!First up […]

Music Recap 3.17

Kendrick Lamar

Music Recap 3.17By Greg ManiaHappy St. Patrick’s Day! Are you drunk?! I am! I’m drunk RIGHT NOW (and it’s 9 A.M.!). Why does my writing lack typos, you ask? Because I have the best editor in the world! This piece looked like it was typed in Wingdings before it was edited. Anyway, we have a lot to get […]