Glitter and Gold


<span><br /><span>“All that is gold does not glitter,<br /></span><span>Not all those who wander are lost;<br /></span><span>The old that is strong does not wither,<br /></span><span>Deep roots are not reached by the frost.”<br /><em>J.R.R. Tolkien</em><br /><br /></span><em><strong>CREDITS</strong></em><br />photographer ROBERT JOHN KLEY<br />stylist JIMI URQUIAGA<br />editor JAKE FREEMAN</br>hair DENNIS MARSHALL COOPER<br />makeup HOMA SAFAR<br />manicurist PILAR LAFARGUE<br />model ZANNA […]



Comfort meets fashion? Yes please! These looks will give you the confidence and ease of movement to tackle your day head on. CREDITSphotographer TREVER HOEHNEcreative director & producer SARAH KINSUMBAstylist SANDY PHANhair VICTOR MENDOZAmakeup SHERRI CELISset designer DEVIN PIETSCHMANNmodel  KRISTINA @ PHOTOGENICS LA & GISELE @ HOLLYWOOD MODEL MANAGEMENT LALook 1LEFTtop FRISURskirt LATSring MARC JACOBSRIGHTtop FRISURjacket […]

Walk Of Shame


Written by Greg ManiaGlamour is an attitude. It exudes itself in the way you talk, walk, and even light your cigarette outside a fine dining establishment (read as: not Olive Garden). Extra points if you still have a rotary phone with an ashtray and a casual slew of Swarovski crystals adjacent to said phone. Capturing […]

In Living Color


What to do when there’s nothing to do? Spend your Sunday Funday in pursuit of excitement. Live life in color.CREDITSphotographer ISAAC STERLINGstylist LEAH HENKENhair BOBBY ELLIOT makeup CHRISTINA GUERRA @ CELESTINE AGENCY for VISEARTmodel JADE MCSORLEY @ PHOTOGENICSLook 1top CHEAP MONDAYshoes POLLINIbracelets GILES & BROTHERS (worn throughout)necklace MODEL’S OWN (worn throughout)Look 2dress AMENcoat CHEAP MONDAYshoes POLLINILook […]

Pacific Coast

Pacific Coast

The Holiday season is coming to a close and it’s time to flock to the beach. Hop on the next flight to the Pacific Coast for a little rest and replenishment.CREDITSphotographer NICK STOKESstylist SHERAH JONEShair JESSIE STELLA VERROCA using ORIBE makeup NATE HEJL for TOM FORDmodel POLINA PROTODYAKONOVA @ PHOTOGENICS LALook 1dress GALIA LAHAV HAUTE COUTURE shoes […]