Molly Crabapple

Molly Crabapple

Molly CrabappleWritten by Lori ZimmerMolly Crabapple will not be silenced. The New York artist has come a long way from nude modeling and doodling, asserting herself as an important political voice, pen and brush of the art world. Whether she’s on the Islamic front in Syria sketching, writing an article for VICE, or working on […]

Somewhere In Latin America

latin america

Latin America has long stood at the forefront of artistic talent. From muses to painters, creatives can benefit from a little Latin American influence in their lives.CREDITSphotographer RICARDO RIVERAstylist JASON SCHWARTZmodels MARCEL @ BOSS, JOSEPH & MIGUEL @ ADAM, & LUCAS @ REQUEST Look 1shirt RODARTE for OPENING CEREMONYjacket 3.1 PHILLIP LIMsocks & slides NIKEshorts STYLIST’S […]

The Youth


Young and youthful are two of the most prevalent ideals in the fashion world today. Put on your biker jacket, spark a joint, and cause some trouble.CREDITSphotographer CHRIS CALLAWAYstylist KEESEAN MOOREhair & makeup BRUCE DEAN @ WILHELMINA ARTISTSmodels ORION @ RED & BARBARA @ WILHELMINALook 1jacket KENZOtop MOOREVINTAGEdenim CLOSEDrings LNH JEWELRYLook 2pants KAIMINtop & jacket […]

Queen of the Stone Age


photographer ANGELA HAUstylist TOYO TSUCHIYAhair SONG HEE @ ART DEPARTMENTmakeup MARK EDIO @ SEE MANAGEMENTphotographer’s assistant MERLIN VIETHENmodel OXANA ZUBKO @ SUPREMELook 1dress NOVISbra PHOENIX KEATINGcolored necklace WXYZblack necklace I STILL LOVE YOU NYCLook 2dress KOONHORnecklace WXYZLook 3blazer SURFACE TO AIRhalter OSKLENskirt RICHARD CHAInecklace WXYZbracelet I STILL LOVE YOU NYCLook 4top KAELENskirt LINIEbelly chain LADY […]

The Wild West


photographer CYRILL MATTERstylist DAMIEN VAUGHAN SHIPPEEgrooming SCOTT MCMAHONphotographer’s assistant HEINRICH SCHNORFmodel BRENDON @ FUSIONLook 1coat BILLY REIDsweater ORLEYLook 2shirt SIMON MILLSnecklace LHNLook 3jacket SIMON MILLSjeans BLK DNMhat BROOKS BOSWELLring LHNLook 4jacket & pants RICHARD CHAIsweater OSKLENLook 5jacket SIMON MILLSjeans BLK DNMhat BROOKS BOSWELLring LHNLook 6coat BILLY REIDsweater ORLEYjeans BLK DNMchaps VINTAGELook 7jacket RICHARD CHAIhat BROOKS […]



photographer FRANEY MILLERstylist SAM BATEShair SEIJI UEHARAmakeup MIYU ASAKAWAmodel KARLEY @ MARILYNLook 1coat GSTARjacket AGNESS DEYN X DOC MARTENSdress OSKLENtrousers RICHARD CHAIsocks HUEboots DOC MARTENSLook 2coat LINIEdress HARAREshirt WESCsocks HUEboots DOC MARTENSLook 3coat LINIEtop MANGOsweater HARAREjeans GSTARsocks HUEsandals DOC MARTENSLook 4sweatshirt MARTIN KEEHNshirt RICHARD CHAIvest & pants GSTARskirt HARAREsocks HUEsandals DOC MARTENSLook 5cardigan & trousers HARAREtunic […]