Kendrick Lamar

ESTELLETrue RomanceBy Greg ManiaAs I walked upstairs in the Lower East Side’s The Slipper Room, I could hear the calamity that comes with a high-profile photoshoot: interns bustling about, a flagrant display of Bluetooth technology, and a coterie of haute couture carefully pulled to display maximum fabulosity. I sat upstairs, watching Estelle work the venue’s vaudeville-reminiscent ambience, […]

Rebel Without a Cause


“You can wake up now, the universe has ended.”– Jim Stark, Rebel Without A CauseCREDITSphotographer LIU-ZONGYUANstylist NEWHEART OHANIANproducers LUZ PAVON & VICTORIA PAVONhair HAIR BY ELSA using ORIBE for SHULY NYcolorist AURA @ LALALAND ARTISTSmakeup FUMIAKI NAKAGAWA for MAC COSMETICSstylist’s assistant LUIZA SOLANOmodel ADRIANNA BACH @ FUSIONLook 1vest LIE SANG BONGjacket, dress, & panties MILLYchoker […]