Dust, Dad Bods, and Legal Weed: Sasquatch 2015


Enter the most relaxed music festival on the planet. As somebody who’s come to this festival before, there was something special happening this year. Something was in the air this year at Sasquatch, and I’m not talking about the joints your little brother smuggled inside the venue.Day 1 came and the sun was out, people […]



OOFJ Acute FeastWords by Kurt McVeyImages by Dirk MaiThe lovely couple behind the dark and operatic OOFJ discovered each other in quite the Shakespearian fashion. Katherine Mills Rymer, a South African beauty and the band’s vocalist, was acting on stage in a New York City production of The Bard’s Twelfth Night back in 2011 when suddenly, […]

Marina and the Diamonds

Marina And The Diamonds

<span></span><br /><em><strong>Marina and the Diamonds</strong></em><br /><strong>FROOT</strong><br />Words by Greg Mania<br />Images courtesy of Atlantic Records<br />Produced by Jake Freeman</br><br />When I asked Marina Diamandis to describe her new album <em>FROOT, </em>which <a href=”http://www.directlyrics.com/marina-and-the-diamonds-froot-album-lyrics-news.html” target=”_blank”>leaked</a> a few days ago (two months ahead of schedule), in three emojis, the 29-year old Welsh singer-songwriter paused while she pondered my extremely in […]

Theophilus London

Theophilus London

<strong><em><br />Theophilus London</em></strong><br />Words &amp; photography by David Weiner<br />Editing and Product by Jake Freeman<br />“Hold on, let me clean up a bit,” Brooklyn born rapper Theophilus London said as he pushed clothes into the cupboards lining the backroom of his tour bus. “Gotta clean up for the girls.” On tour for the first time […]

Music Recap 4.28

heidi klum

Music Recap 4.28By Greg ManiaOkay, Spring, stop giving us just the tip. Please give us consistently warm weather so we can move on to mooching off our friends who own air conditioners. But we’ll bring something to the table, fortunate friends with temperature-controlled rooms, and that is a SUMMER PLAYLIST! How can you say no/please […]

Music Recap 4.21


Music Recap 4.21By Greg ManiaPhew! I thought I wasn’t going to be able to write this week’s music recap. I’ve been stuck at the doctor for HOURS and I don’t want to divulge too much of the gory details but it involves The Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge and me trying to one-up everyone by using the bare floor brush […]