Music Recap 4.14

Amy Schumer

Music Recap 4.14By: Greg ManiaThere’s a 10 in 10 chance that approximately 12-14 seconds before clicking on this link, you scrolled past something with the word “Coachella” in it. Luckily, yours truly was able to get the exclusive on this year’s latest and hottest activities at the nationally recognized music festival! Head over to BULLETT to check […]

Music Recap 3.10


Music Recap 3.10By Greg ManiaIf you live in New York City or its surrounding area, I hope you’ve been enjoying the first few Spring-like days of the year, or as I like to call it, “The first time we don’t have to see those goddamn Canada Goose winter jackets.” Now that March has ushered in the […]

Music Recap 3.2

Purity Ring

Music Recap 3.2By Greg ManiaI’m so excited for this week’s music recap that we’re just going to dive right in! Okay, I had a large espresso with an extra shot and I can’t stop bench pressing my couch so before I get hurt, let’s check out what’s new in music this week!Carly Rae Jepson has […]

Music Recap 2.24

Laura Grove

Music Recap 2.24By: Greg ManiaTGIMRT! (Thank God It’s Music Recap Tuesday!)  Enjoy this week’s tunes and if you’re in NYC or surrounding area, stay out of this arctic cold! In the meantime, I’ll be releasing my YouTube vlogs that include, but are not limited to: “DIY Toboggans,” “Taking a Bobsled to Work: A Guide to Desperation,” […]

Music Recap 1.27

Kanye West

Music Recap 1.27By Greg ManiaI’m so disappointed by this so-called blizzard in NYC that you would think I’ve dated it. It’s true, I swiped it right on Tinder a few weeks ago and we met up at this Mediterranean tapas bar in Soho (its choice, of course). All it did was talk about its juice cleanse. […]

Music Recap 1.21

FKA Twigs

Music Recap 1.21By Greg ManiaI’m not going to lie; the middle of winter is a little bit of a Gwyneth Paltrow. Oh, you should know I’ve replaced saying “buzz kill” with “Gwyneth Paltrow.” This is why I’m always on my toes to find music that will get me through until the sun stops setting at 2 […]