Dust, Dad Bods, and Legal Weed: Sasquatch 2015


Enter the most relaxed music festival on the planet. As somebody who’s come to this festival before, there was something special happening this year. Something was in the air this year at Sasquatch, and I’m not talking about the joints your little brother smuggled inside the venue.Day 1 came and the sun was out, people […]

Coachella Vibes


Coachella VibesBy Alana MilazzoWith the countdown to Coachella, we’ve fused together boho styles with darker, more textured materials, for an energetic new look that is perfect for the springtime festival. Though anything goes at most music festivals, it’s important to let the accessories do the talking. Pop on a chunky bracelet or a grab a beaded clutch you’re ready […]

Savannah Stopover 2015

Savannah Stopover

Back to SavannahWords by Jonathan Buckley @jonnyproblemPhotography by Rebekah Campbell @rebekahcampbellSavannah, Georgia is hot right now. Time passes slower, the food’s got more soul and the kids are a little cooler. So, with Spring break approaching and music festival season creeping up too, Creem is heading back down to Savannah Stopover music festival from March 5th to […]

Sustain Release Music Festival

Sustain Release

Sustain ReleaseBy Angelina DreemThis last weekend underground techno fanatics, deep house ravers and synth heads met 2 hours upstate at a youth summer camp to dance, eat acid, and make memories at the Mutual Dreaming curated, Sustain Release. The 2 night festival was the first of its kind, representing an electronic music scene that prefers to distance itself […]