Soldier Girl


Words by Greg ManiaThose who serve their country from a young age are unequivocally exposed to a myriad of heart-rending and calamitous situations that test the limits of their emotions. What they see and endure echo the call of duty they’ve chosen to answer, the rights and freedom they’ve fought to preserve, and the sacrifices […]



“When I came to this worldI arrived in a carI was a boyI was a girlpyramid glassscraping the skysee our reflectioncast no reflectionI want your lovewhen I came to this worldI arrived in a stormalone in the rainfalling out from the cloudsvoice on the radiocrying 96 tearssee our reflectioncast no reflectionI want your lovewhen I […]

Walk Of Shame


Written by Greg ManiaGlamour is an attitude. It exudes itself in the way you talk, walk, and even light your cigarette outside a fine dining establishment (read as: not Olive Garden). Extra points if you still have a rotary phone with an ashtray and a casual slew of Swarovski crystals adjacent to said phone. Capturing […]



Written by Greg Mania Maybe she’s born with it; maybe it’s Amaro/Mayfair/Rise/Hudson/Valencia/X-ProII/Sierra/Willow/ Lo-Fi/Earlybird/Sutro/Toaster/Brannan/Inkwell/Walden/Hefe/Nashville/1997/Kelvin. The subtext of the “selfie” generates more social pressure than one would think. What appears to be a simple self-portrait is actually a tool for tailoring our personas in whatever way we desire. As we cultivate our digital image, we’re expected to capture […]

Chelsea Girl


photographer STYLEDBYPHILstylist STYLEDBYPHILmodel TEELA LAROUX @ ONE MANAGEMENTLook 1top AMERICAN APPARELhair clips MERCURAsunglasses MERCURAring MARC JACOBSLook 2 & 3top VINTAGEcoat VINTAGEhair clips MERCURAsunglasses MERCURAnecklace AMYOshorts VINTAGELook 4, 5, 6, 7, & 8top VIVIENNE TAMcoat VINTAGEsunglasses MERCURAnecklace AMYOring MARC JACOBS