Glitter and Gold


<span><br /><span>“All that is gold does not glitter,<br /></span><span>Not all those who wander are lost;<br /></span><span>The old that is strong does not wither,<br /></span><span>Deep roots are not reached by the frost.”<br /><em>J.R.R. Tolkien</em><br /><br /></span><em><strong>CREDITS</strong></em><br />photographer ROBERT JOHN KLEY<br />stylist JIMI URQUIAGA<br />editor JAKE FREEMAN</br>hair DENNIS MARSHALL COOPER<br />makeup HOMA SAFAR<br />manicurist PILAR LAFARGUE<br />model ZANNA […]



Bill Cunningham once stated that, “Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life,” and the same can be said for beauty. Prepare yourself for urban living with a metallic, armor like beauty regimen.CREDITSphotographer ELENA JASICmakeup KYLIE BOUGHTERmodel EBONEE DAVIS @MC2Shop urban armor here.

Unconventional Beauty


Rather than follow your typical beauty story, I opted to portray these women as beauty warriors. I value a more experimental and fearless approach to make-up and hair, while also highlighting natural features. For this shoot we focused on moody colors, sharp almost sculptural hair looks, with an all over dewy finish. This beauty aesthetic has […]

Tortured Beauty


She’s an introverted narcissist that enjoys constant recreation. This time around she finds solace in soft pastels with a bold, seemingly minimalistic grungy feel. Colors and mood take inspiration from Picasso’s painting of what can only be interpreted as a woman with dual personalities and a dark, inherent understanding of beauty. CREDITSphotographer JULIA COMITAstylist NATASHA ZOE GARRETThair YUHI KIMmakeup BEAU […]



New Years Eve is upon us and we’re providing all the makeup inspiration you need for a glitter filled night on the town. CREDITSphotographer MAGGIE WESThair MICHELLE SCHINDLERmakeup MICHAL COHEN for NYX COSMETICSmanicurist KAIT MOSHER @ CLOUTIER REMIXmodel KENDALL O’RORKE @ LA MODELSShop New Years Eve fashions here.



We’re switching up our previous statement and adding attention to the eyes. Get lost in them. CREDITSphotographer RYAN WESTstylist NELSON RIVAShair & makeup RAUL ALEJANDREmodel KRISTEN SMITH @ LA MODELSLook 1jacket GIAMBATTISTA VALLIdress IROnecklace JARED JAMINscarf HARARI BEVERLY HILLSLook 2dress GIAMBATTISTA VALLIlook 3dress M MISSONIscarf HARARI BEVERLY HILLSnecklace JARED JAMINLook 4dress SUNOscarf HARARI BEVERLY HILLSnecklace JARED JAMINLook […]