Music Recap 4.14

Amy Schumer

Music Recap 4.14By: Greg ManiaThere’s a 10 in 10 chance that approximately 12-14 seconds before clicking on this link, you scrolled past something with the word “Coachella” in it. Luckily, yours truly was able to get the exclusive on this year’s latest and hottest activities at the nationally recognized music festival! Head over to BULLETT to check […]

Music Recap 2.17


Music Recap 2.17By Greg ManiaWelcome back! *Blows dust off music recaps* Our music recaps have been on hiatus but they’ve finally returned! Okay, no time for a fun anecdote because have a lot to catch up on! Our girl Marina and the Diamonds has been slowly releasing songs and videos from the sonic technicolor that is […]

Music Recap 1.06


Music Recap 1.06By Greg ManiaHappy New Year, darlings! Welcome back to our weekly music recap! Show of hands: how many of you puked into someone’s koi pond during New Year’s Eve?!? If your name is “Hayes” or “Madison” and live on a cul-de-sac you can put your hand down because I just know you did! Anyway, I hope […]

Music Recap 12.02


Music Recap 12.2By Greg ManiaI don’t know about you, but I only recently came out of my food coma thanks to my Thanksgiving rage-feast. I also came of my regular coma two days ago! Can you say best post-Thanksgiving diet ever?! But now that it’s December, it’s time to get into the holiday spirit! So in […]

Music Recap 8.19

madonna image

Music Recap 8.19By Greg Mania All right darling readers, we don’t have time for a campy intro or funny anecdote because we have a lot to cover this week. Punks and vinyl collectors, this is not your section so you better skip down because The Land of Top 40 and Questionable Cultural Appropriation has been abuzz […]