Hang Me Up To Dry


Dance and fashion are inextricably linked. Even the Fashion Institute of Technology hosted an exhibition on the topic. Clothing can both prohibit and permit movement through cut and materiality. It’s time to put on your dancing shoes. CREDITSphotographer JEFF PEARSONstylist HOPE MISTEREKhair NIKO WEDDLEmakeup ELLEN GUHINmodels CECE YOST & KAT LONDON @ WILHELMINA & PAWEL BEDNAREK @ […]

Winter Wears


Gone are the days of sun soaked fun. Winter can be daft, depressing, and uninspiring. What better way to combat the ware of winter than with subtly colored coats with hints of texture? Looks from Kaelen, Lie Sang Bong, and A Detacher will draw all eyes to you this season.CREDITSphotographer HADRIEL GONZALEZstylist ANTHONY PEDRAZAhair & makeup PHOENIX […]

A Gentle Caress


Soft light gently caresses with garments from Lie Sang Bong in this curvy editorial. We want EVERYTHING.CREDITSphotographer WHALEN BRYCEstylist DONALD HICKShair KARL PAYTONmakeup VICTOR NOBLEmodel VASILISA PAVLOVA @ SUPREMELook 1blouse LAQUAN SMITHLook 2blouse LAQUAN SMITHbelt & skirt LIE SANG BONGLook 3bodysuit WOLFORDnecklace BEN AMUNcuff PAMELA LOVEshorts VICTOR DE SOUZALook 4sleeves VICTOR DE SOUZAcorset LIE SANG […]

Rebel Without a Cause


“You can wake up now, the universe has ended.”– Jim Stark, Rebel Without A CauseCREDITSphotographer LIU-ZONGYUANstylist NEWHEART OHANIANproducers LUZ PAVON & VICTORIA PAVONhair HAIR BY ELSA using ORIBE for SHULY NYcolorist AURA @ LALALAND ARTISTSmakeup FUMIAKI NAKAGAWA for MAC COSMETICSstylist’s assistant LUIZA SOLANOmodel ADRIANNA BACH @ FUSIONLook 1vest LIE SANG BONGjacket, dress, & panties MILLYchoker […]

Indian Summer


With Summer at an end and responsibility returning, we can’t help but reminisce about the chaotic and silly situations we found ourselves in this past Summer.CREDITSphotographer THERESE & JOELproducer HUNTER ABRAMSstylist JOSHUA LIEBMANhair & makeup TINNA EMPERAhair assistant AKIstylist’s assistant BLAIR SAVITSKYmodels LYDIA, SOFIA, & FRANCESCA @ WILHELMINA, JANE AEBERHARD @ NEW YORK MODELS, GUSTAAF, […]



photographer GARY LUPTONart director SYLVIA FINZI-DUBOISstylist DONALD HICKShair KATY ALBRIGHT for ORIBE & AVEDAmakeup GREG BROCKINGTON for NARSphotographer’s assistant SETH BINSTEDstylist’s assistant JESSICA GUNNINGmodel FLAVIANA @ WILHELMINALook 1dress ISSEY MIYAKELook 2jumper ISSEY MIYAKEearrings CIRCA SIXTY THREELook 3turban PRADAdress ISSEY MIYAKEearrings STYLIST’S OWNLook 4jacket ISSEY MIYAKEnecklace HOIST + LEELook 5dress ISSEY MIYAKEearrings LIE SANG BONGLook 6blouse […]