Wash Over Me


photographer STEPHAN ALESSIstylist CHLOE BADAWAYhair YUHI KIMmakeup LAURA STIASSNIprops HOLLI FEATHERSTONEphotographer’s assistants EDUARDO FIEL, NIKKI TAPPA, & FEDERICA DELL’ORSOmodel KARINA @ MC2special thanks MILK STUDIOSLook 1bathing suit ERESbracelets ALEXIS BITTARwatch STYLIST’S OWNLook 2bathing suit HERVE LEGERnecklace ALEXIS BITTARwatch STYLIST’S OWNLook 3bathing suit MIKOHearrings ALEXIS BITTARwatch STYLIST’S OWNLook 4bathing suit LISA MARIE FERNANDEZcuff ALEXIS BITTARshoes CESAR […]

MS MR Takes Coney Island


MS MR Take Coney Island Interview by Cady Lang   What’s the story behind the name, MS MR?   When we finally acknowledged that we were a band and needed a name there were a few ideas that we wanted to incorporate or reference. We wanted something grandiose but not pretentious that alluded to the […]