Glitter and Gold


<span><br /><span>“All that is gold does not glitter,<br /></span><span>Not all those who wander are lost;<br /></span><span>The old that is strong does not wither,<br /></span><span>Deep roots are not reached by the frost.”<br /><em>J.R.R. Tolkien</em><br /><br /></span><em><strong>CREDITS</strong></em><br />photographer ROBERT JOHN KLEY<br />stylist JIMI URQUIAGA<br />editor JAKE FREEMAN</br>hair DENNIS MARSHALL COOPER<br />makeup HOMA SAFAR<br />manicurist PILAR LAFARGUE<br />model ZANNA […]

Winter Wears


Gone are the days of sun soaked fun. Winter can be daft, depressing, and uninspiring. What better way to combat the ware of winter than with subtly colored coats with hints of texture? Looks from Kaelen, Lie Sang Bong, and A Detacher will draw all eyes to you this season.CREDITSphotographer HADRIEL GONZALEZstylist ANTHONY PEDRAZAhair & makeup PHOENIX […]



The urban warrior is functional, ferocious, and unrelenting in their pursuit of perfection; a sergeant. Take control of the streets and find an outfit to match. CREDITSphotographer DAVID URBANKEstylist ANTHONY PEDRAZAhair RAQUEL MARTUSCELLImakeup ERIC VOSBURGmodel DIANA KHALITOUA @ NEW YORK MODELSLook 1jacket BIG PARKturtleneck RAOULskirt CRES. E DIM.bracelet LARUICCIsocks WOLFORDshoes BERNHARD WILLHELM X CAMPERLook 2coat […]



The fetishes that enslave us also liberate. Glamour galvanizes, turns the coveter into a drooling wreck of desire. This obsession with possession gives fashion its power.Needs are overrated – give us what we want.CREDITSphotographer & creative director TODD PENDUstylist RENE GARZAhair ALEKSANDRA SASHA NESTERCHUKmakeup MARK DE LOS REYESmodel EHREN DORSEY @ NEXTstylist’s assistants JORGE RUBALCAVA, […]