Music Recap 4.28

heidi klum

Music Recap 4.28By Greg ManiaOkay, Spring, stop giving us just the tip. Please give us consistently warm weather so we can move on to mooching off our friends who own air conditioners. But we’ll bring something to the table, fortunate friends with temperature-controlled rooms, and that is a SUMMER PLAYLIST! How can you say no/please […]


spring Playlist

Music Recap 3.31

Jamie xx

Music Recap 3.31By Greg ManiaHave you seen the new viral video of Iggy Azalea freestyling during a performance that has attained meme ubiquity? Fun fact for you: she’s actually not spewing gibberish, she’s just rapping the chemical compound names for drugs (the name that looks like it’s half typed in Wingdings that are displayed under […]