photographer CHRIS CALLAWAYstylist DAMIEN VAUGHAN SHIPPEEmakeup & grooming BRUCE DEANmodel JEFFREY GAUNT @ ADAMphotographer’s assistant JORDI TURNERLook 1top BILLY REIDcuff LHN JEWELRYLook 2hat KAMINSKI XYpants BILLY REIDLook 3coat RICHARD CHAIring LHN JEWELRYLook 4top OSKLENbracelet MIANSAILook 5necklace MIANSAILook 6shorts HAN KJØBENHAVNLook 7pants RICHARD CHAILook 8coat HENRIK VIBSKOVpants RICHARD CHAI



photographer CHLOE AFTELstylist STEPHANIE TRICOLAhair ELOISE CHEUNG @ WALTER SCHUPFER MANAGEMENT using PHYTO PARISmakeup MYKEL RENNER for NARS COSMETICSstylist’s assistant DAVID TAVERASmodel QI WULook 1coat MARNILook 2jumper SOULLANDLook 3cardigan HENRIK VIBSKOVtrouser 3.1 PHILLIP LIMLook 4jacket 3.1 PHILLIP LIMshirt A DETACHERshirt A DETACHERLook 5jacket 6397shirt A DETACHERpants A DETACHERLook 6coat MARNILook 7jacket 3.1 PHILLIP LIMshirt A […]

MS MR Takes Coney Island


MS MR Take Coney Island Interview by Cady Lang   What’s the story behind the name, MS MR?   When we finally acknowledged that we were a band and needed a name there were a few ideas that we wanted to incorporate or reference. We wanted something grandiose but not pretentious that alluded to the […]