Under The Moon


photographer IVAN BIDEACstylist SAM BATESmakeup TATYANA KHARKOVAhair MELISSA ZOLAmodel ANNE PECK @ MAJOR MODELSLook 1neck piece & top ELEEN HALVORSENLook 2top ELEEN HALVORSENLook 3bow tie MARIANNA BARKSDALEbra, briefs, leggings, & tunic ELEEN HALVORSENboots ZARALook 4bow tie MARIANNA BARKSDALEtunic & bra ELEEN HALVORSENLook 5neck piece, jacket, skirt ELEEN HALVORSENboots ZARALook 6neck piece & jacket ELEEN HALVORSENLook […]



“Normal is an illusionWhat is normal for the spider Is chaos for the fly”Charles AddamsCREDITSphotographer SYLVIA AUSTINstylist SAM BATESmakeup JOHN GUANLAOset design ABIGAIL BENAVIDESphotographer’s assistant NICOLE FISHERmodels KLAIRE BIELONKO @ VNY & SERA MANN @ MARILYNLook 1LEFTcoat SUZANNE RAEcrop top TRUE ROYALbutton down ROSARIOshorts RINAT BRODACHshoes DR. MARTENSjewelry BISJOUX RIGHTjacket SUZANNE RAEtop ANVEGLOSAlayered tank ROSARIOtrousers ROSARIOshoes […]



photographer FRANEY MILLERstylist SAM BATEShair & makeup ROMANA LAImodel HELENE @ IMGLook 1shell, dress, leggings, & collar ELEEN HALVORSENboots DR. MARTENSLook 2sweater, dress, leggings,&  necklaces ELEEN HALVORSENshoes DR. MARTENSLook 3shell MARIANNA BARKSDALEsweater, skirt, leggings, & collar ELEEN HALVORSENshoes ZARALook 4dress MARIANNA BARKSDALEsweater GSTARshoes DR. MARTENSLook 5shirt, skirt, & leggings ELEEN HALVORSENdress MARIANNA BARKSDALEshoes DR. MARTENSLook […]