jacket PRIMARKt-shirt FLORIDA TEESjeans TOPSHOPshoes ADIDAShat ASOS shirt VINTAGEjeans BIG STARslippers ADIDASrings FRANCESCA’Shoody CALVIN KLEINpants VINTAGEshoes STEVE MADDENglasses stylist’s own jeans jacket VINTAGE LEVI’Shoody ORIGINAL MARINESshorts PRIMATOshoes ADIDAShat stylist’s owntights MAX MARAshorts AMERICAN APPARELbody INTIMISSIMIcockers TOPSHOP jacket MARCIANOshirt MANGOshorts HARD ROCK CAFEtights MAX MARAshoes CONVERSE ALL STARnecklace stylist’s ownjacket VINTAGE MAX MARAdress VINTAGE MISSONIslippers ADIDAShat […]

Boy Meets Girl


Words by Kelsey ZahnAndrogyny, a blurring of the lines, a veiling of what is to reveal what might be. Jill Sander once said that, “the key words are proportion, balance, fragility, sensuality, and androgyny.”There is something about that blend, the toeing of the line between form and function; a strange beauty, sharp angles meeting soft […]

Colors of the Night


Lighten your spring wardrobe with the season’s hottest colors from Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Fendi, and more. It’s finally warming up and we couldn’t be happier. CREDITSphotographer HANS ERIC OLSONstylist MARC ANTHONY GEORGEhair & makeup JESSAH AMARANTEretouching AMANDA PADILLAmodel ALEXEY GLEBKO @ ADAMLook 1sweater PAUL SMITHunder sweater PRADApants KENZOLook 2sweater KENZOunder shirt OPENING CEREMONYpants DIESEL BLACK […]

The Affair


“We could’ve skipped this part,I could’ve thought you how to love yourselfI waited patiently,I hoped that you will be the one to come to meI TRY TO TALK TO YOU,I thought that you would recognize the needThat you had deep insideBut you have to get there by yourself!I don’t understand how we could loseTell me […]

Denim Daze


We’ve said it time and again…we just LOVE denim. It’s a versatile classic that everyone must have.CREDITSphotographer QUENTIN MAIGNIENart director & stylist AURELIA BOULENGERhair YUMIKO HIKAGE @ LEBIGUE ONEmakeup MAKE ME by ENZOmodel ALINA ZOLOTYKHLook 1shirt LEEjacket CYCLEpants BALENCIAGA DENIMshoes JUST CAVALLILook 2shirt PAUL & JOE SISTERpants LIU JOshoes AMERICAN RETROlook 3shirt DIESELoveralls HOLLYWOOD TRADING […]

Too Young To Burn


Youth and youthfulness are precious commodities, allowing one the energy to push their bounds to extremes. Burning out is NOT an option when you’re young.CREDITSphotographer & stylist JORDAN MILLINGTONhair TRACI BARRETTmodel LEONARDO LAWRENCE @ FORDLook 1sweater DIESELLook 2shirt PUBLIC SCHOOLpants SAINT LAURENTshoes GIVENCHYLook 3sweater DIESELpants DOLCE & GABBANAbelt VINTAGELook 4shirt VINTAGEshoes PRADALook 5jacket & jeans DOLCE […]