Denim Daze


We’ve said it time and again…we just LOVE denim. It’s a versatile classic that everyone must have.CREDITSphotographer QUENTIN MAIGNIENart director & stylist AURELIA BOULENGERhair YUMIKO HIKAGE @ LEBIGUE ONEmakeup MAKE ME by ENZOmodel ALINA ZOLOTYKHLook 1shirt LEEjacket CYCLEpants BALENCIAGA DENIMshoes JUST CAVALLILook 2shirt PAUL & JOE SISTERpants LIU JOshoes AMERICAN RETROlook 3shirt DIESELoveralls HOLLYWOOD TRADING […]

Refind Denim


Interview by Greg Mania Its timeless quality, perpetually changing look, and iconic American story makes denim a paramount fixture in the fashion world. Refind Denim is a NYC-based label that continues to tell that story in a way that tailors to the individual woman and her ability to utilize her moxie to maximum potential. By crafting carefully selected vintage denim in-house, Refind provides a sense […]