Leading Man


Written by Cory TallmanModern and classic are interchangeable where style is concerned. The cyclical nature of taste ensures a repeated retiring and rediscovery for men’s fashion. But style, with its DNA the fulcrum that modern and classic spiral around – represents the eternal, ineffable quality that separates a man from men. CREDITSphotographer CHRISTOPHER HENCHart director CHRISTINE […]

Memento Mori

cover & SM

Written by Cory TallmanPhotographs by Assaf Matarasso Creation constitutes defiance against death.  Children are a genetic bid for immortality.  Even the act of creating a work of art, the artist defies oblivion by leaving a physical remain behind. A tangible testament that “I was here, I lived – I created.” The concept of death, the image of […]



Sophia Wallace: CliteracyInterview by Cory Tallman What was the concept behind your concept?   On it’s face, CLITERACY 100 Natural Laws may appear to be focused on sexual pleasure. In fact, the target of the work is much broader. CLITERACY explores the effect when one’s body is constructed primarily to benefit a more powerful group through […]