Somewhere In Latin America

latin america

Latin America has long stood at the forefront of artistic talent. From muses to painters, creatives can benefit from a little Latin American influence in their lives.CREDITSphotographer RICARDO RIVERAstylist JASON SCHWARTZmodels MARCEL @ BOSS, JOSEPH & MIGUEL @ ADAM, & LUCAS @ REQUEST Look 1shirt RODARTE for OPENING CEREMONYjacket 3.1 PHILLIP LIMsocks & slides NIKEshorts STYLIST’S […]



The fetishes that enslave us also liberate. Glamour galvanizes, turns the coveter into a drooling wreck of desire. This obsession with possession gives fashion its power.Needs are overrated – give us what we want.CREDITSphotographer & creative director TODD PENDUstylist RENE GARZAhair ALEKSANDRA SASHA NESTERCHUKmakeup MARK DE LOS REYESmodel EHREN DORSEY @ NEXTstylist’s assistants JORGE RUBALCAVA, […]