Refind Denim

Interview by Greg Mania
Its timeless quality, perpetually changing look, and iconic American story makes denim a paramount fixture in the fashion world. Refind Denim is a NYC-based label that continues to tell that story in a way that tailors to the individual woman and her ability to utilize her moxie to maximum potential. By crafting carefully selected vintage denim in-house, Refind provides a sense of style, comfort, and warming nostalgia with each pair of boyfriend jeans.
What made you pursue the denim arts? 
Denim has remained a constant in fashion and although it re-invents itself in style and fit throughout the years, it has never become boring to wear. We wanted to work on something that would be here to last, something that would remain at the core of your closet forever.
Tell me the story behind Refind Denim. How did it come about and how did you get your name?
Refind Denim was created when we (Theresa and Rose) were working together at a small startup and decided that it was time for a change. Refind Denim has multiple meanings for us – to refind something in your closet, to refind your style, to refind you. With a love for timeless staples, Refind Denim was inspired by creating the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans. We believe that the secret to a refined wardrobe comes not in settling for less but in selecting pieces that can be worn in a variety of ways.  
How is your brand different from other labels that center around vintage jeans? 
We love working with vintage denim because of itslived-in comfort and we modernize it by redesigning each pair. Our boyfriend jeans, boyfriend shorts and cutoffs never lack in comfort or style.
What makes New York City the perfect location for Refind Denim? 
There’s so much inspiration in NYC whether it be in fashion, art, music, food or just the people that live here. The energy and drive here is contagious and it keeps us striving to be distinct by honing our craft.  

Denim is constantly re-inventing itself—how are you hoping to make your mark in regards to this aspect? What kind of space do you want to carve in this distinct area of the fashion world? 
One of the key things that we focus on isquality over quantity. Although we’re aware of the on-going trends in fashion, our goal is to create pieces that will last. The difference between good and great is the ability to curate a collection that maintains a high aesthetic. Quality and style are the foundation of our company.
Boyfriend jeans seem to perpetually be the most coveted item in the denim world—why do you think that is? 
What seemed to be a trend has proven to be a staple because of its versatility. It can be worn in so many ways yet still be the standout piece. We like to say that it’s both the star AND the blank canvas.

Denim overalls: adorable with nostalgic undertone or a fashion Defcon-5? 
It’s more like an alluring take with a nostalgic undertone. The new versions of denim overalls are far from what they used to be.

How do you choose the pairs you redesign? What criteria do you adhere to? 
It’s like a giant scavenger hunt since there are a number of things we have to keep in mind when we handpick each pair. We pay close attention to the quality, fit, size and color.

What are some trends you notice that are re-emerging? Is there a particular hue of denim that is currently the most popular with your customers? 
The “Mom Jeans” are making a comeback, which are a little more high-waist and tapered at the leg than the boyfriend jeans. Since it’s summer, our shorts are really popular right now. The Hookup Cutoff Shorts are cut right below the cheek for a flirty warm-weather staple but people are loving our Breakup Boyfriend Shorts that give off a more effortless cool vibe.
In addition to the classic boyfriend jean, you also have breakup boyfriend shorts and hookup cutoff shorts. What’s next? May I propose Why-Won’t-He-Text-Me-Back Daisy Dukes or Tinder-Date-Gone-Wrong Classic Bellbottoms? I’m just kidding. But can you give us a sneak peek into what’s to come?! 
We might just have to borrow some of these names!  There are a few things we’re excited about for our next collection, including “Milf Jeans,” but we’ll have to wait to talk about it.

photographer ROMAN YEE
stylist JENEL COTA