Okayplayer Seeks Answers to Murders of TuPac and Other Rappers

The immortal words of The Notorious B.I.G. ‘If you ain’t gettin’ bagged stay the fuck from the police’ ring deep and true. The boys in blue have never been friends to the hip hop community, or the disenfranchised.  We could look into this nation’s incarceration rate of black people, or the many unarmed black people killed by police, but lets just say that Hip Hop and cops aren’t friends.

XXL Magazine’s excellent reporting on The Current Status Of Every Murdered Rappers Case -only nine out of the 52 profiled cases have been solved- inspired Okayplayer to think about what factors cause the clearance rate  of murdered rappers to be 17.3% instead of the national average of 64.1%. And where the families of mortal men, who became legends through their music, can go for justice.

As a part of their in-depth feature on the issue, OKP sat down with a retired 20 year New York City Police veteran named Derrick Parker and better know as ‘the Hip-Hop Cop’ to ask exactly what goes into delaying or suspending an investigation. Derrick, who was assigned to many of these cases, speaks at length about the hip hop community, snitching, safety, and justice. 

Read the full Okayplayer feature here: