Music Recap 4.28

Music Recap 4.28
By Greg Mania

Okay, Spring, stop giving us just the tip. Please give us consistently warm weather so we can move on to mooching off our friends who own air conditioners. But we’ll bring something to the table, fortunate friends with temperature-controlled rooms, and that is a SUMMER PLAYLIST! How can you say no/please stop texting me asking to come over I haven’t spoken to you in two years?!

Heidi Klum basically trolled the Internet last week and made us believe she replaced 12-year old dance prodigy Maddie Zieglier as Sia’s latest muse in a video for her song “Fire Meet Gasoline.” The Australian singer tweeted to confirm that the song and was not her latest single, but merely licensed her song for a lingerie commercial featuring the German supermodel.

I would also like to take the time to announce Sia has licensed her song  “Burn the Pages” for my new commercial to promote my new line of aphrodisiac mood candles.

Dazed Digital has the rest of the story. 

Giorgio Moroder and Britney Spears covered “Tom’s Diner” and turned it into an electro-infused up-in-da-club tune. Check out the autotunetastic cover below:

Torres’ “Cowboy Guilt” is a great song to listen to while you’re writing your manuscript in your hometown’s gazebo. It’s the perfect Summer playlist tune!!!

Check out the full story on Pitchfork

The Fader has a mix from L.A.-based producer Samo Sound Boy and it’s FOUR HOURS LONG. Perfect for those hot days at Central Park when you put on camouflage face paint and lie on top of a hill and watch hot latinos play soccer!!!!

Remember that episode of the The Magic School Bus where Ms. Frizzle takes the class to OUTER SPACE? And then remember the overwhelming disappointment you felt when you found out your school bus could not actually take you and your class on a field trip to see the planets up close and personal? Well, thankfully, Jamie xx is here to heal those residual wounds of disappointment from your childhood with a video for his song “Gosh” where he does what our elementary school teachers couldn’t!!!

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See you next week, darlings!!!