Music Recap 3.17

Music Recap 3.17
By Greg Mania

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Are you drunk?! I am! I’m drunk RIGHT NOW (and it’s 9 A.M.!). Why does my writing lack typos, you ask? Because I have the best editor in the world! This piece looked like it was typed in Wingdings before it was edited. 

Anyway, we have a lot to get to; especially new album releases! Our girl Estelle (check out my exclusive interview with her here) dropped her highly anticipated new album True Romance and it’s everything we hoped it to be!

Another highly anticipated album dropped last week. I bet you can guess who. She’s been featured in our music recap for the past few weeks! It’s our girl Marina and the Diamonds with FROOT. 

It’s pure magic. Make sure you get your copy here

Electronic music duo Monarchy have teamed up with burlesque queen Dita Von Teese yet again for another cerebellum curdling track. Appropriately called “Black Widow,” the video features the raven-haired, white-skinned burlesque borderline deity tying up the duo in her sultry web. 

Head over to Noisey for the rest of the piece.  

Kendrick Lamar dropped a song from his new album To Pimp a Butterfly. “King Kunta” is a sonically hallucinogenic track that’s worth taking a listen to:

Pitchfork has the rest of the piece. 

NEW FUN AND FLIRTY SPRING MIXTAPE ALERT!!! Tinashe dropped a new mixtape called Amethyst and you can stream it live by putting your ear next to a chunk of amethyst. JK! You can listen to it here. It has a mellow psychedelic quality that is much appreciated on warm days spent on your nearest New York City rooftop. 

To read the rest of the piece head over to Dazed Digital

See ya next week!