Music Recap 2.17

Music Recap 2.17
By Greg Mania

Welcome back! *Blows dust off music recaps* Our music recaps have been on hiatus but they’ve finally returned! Okay, no time for a fun anecdote because have a lot to catch up on! 

Our girl Marina and the Diamonds has been slowly releasing songs and videos from the sonic technicolor that is her upcoming album, FROOT. I also had the chance to talk with the 29-year old Welsh singer-songwriter on the phone last week and guess what! She’s fluent in emoji too! Check out the exclusive interview here and check out the video for “I’m a Ruin” below:

Andy Butler from Hercules & Love Affair goes solo and it’s something we should be keeping our eyes and ears on. His new single “You Can Shine” from his upcoming EP was written by and features NYC-based singer, songwriter, performer, and my dear friend, Richard Kennedy. Check out the duo’s collaboration below:

Check out the story on Pitchfork

Madonna released the music video for the lead single from her upcoming album, I’M NOT GOING ANYWHERE. I’m sorry, poor editing, it’s spelled Rebel Heart. WARNING: This song is HIGHLY infectious. I hope I look as good as Madonna when I’m 56 and I also hope my elbows look that good at 348!!! Check out the video for “Living For Love” below:

Florence and the Machine is back with a haunting new video for her song “What Kind Of Man”. It gives us everything we love about Florence: a catchy tune garnished with a soft Celtic undertone and a pulverizing drum. Boom. Check out the video below:

Taylor Swift released the music video for her song “Style” from a global smash hit album, 1989. It’s fun and flirty and a little sad! By the way, “Fun, Flirty, and a Little Bit Sad” is the name of my upcoming single!

Drake’s back with If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late. “Energy” is basically a diatribe against our media-inundated lifestyle with a fun beat.

Listen to the song and check out the story at Pitchfork

Happy listening!