Music Recap 10.14

Music Recap 10.14
By Greg Mania

The thing that I love most about these music recaps is that each post is so diverse it’s like a UN Summit of music. Now, let’s dive right in, shall we? 

First up: we have the highly anticipated single from Welsh pop starlet Marina and the Diamonds. “Froot” is like a hyper-glam Nintendo track fit for a quaint get together at a chic nightclub where the ambiance can only be described as “fresh.” Take a listen to the new track below:

If flagrant guitar solos are you think, I highly suggest checking out this next track. Sheer  Mag’s “What You Want” offers solace to those who lack the shred of a guitar in their life. As my good friend Breedlove would say, you can press play:

Pitchfork has the rest of the story. 

A few weeks ago I was positively raging D.C.-based garage-glam band, Ex Hex, whose full length LP was available for streaming via NPR. Their debut studio effort is now available for purchase, and it looks like I’m not the only one embracing the sonically nostalgic hug from the Runaways meets Tom Petty.

The album is available for purchase now and check out Pitchfork’s review.

Wet’s video for their mellow, yet infectious track “Don’t Wanna Be Your Girl” visually matches the lyrical content: fluid and liberating. Watch it below:

Dazed Digital has the rest of the story. 

Let’s conclude this week’s post with a heavy dose of funk. Moniquea’s LP Yes No Maybe permeates bona fide modernized funk drawing from its 70’s groundwork and branching its way into 80’s “boogie.” Dad, I hope you’re reading this—this your territory so turn down NPR and click play below:

Hop on over to Noisey to check out the rest of the story. 

See ya next week!