Life In Film

Life In Film
Words by Greg Mania

From two EP’s to global gigs with Burberry, Life in Film‘s momentum is not unlike X-Men‘s Unstoppable Juggernaut. Their second single, “What Happens Next That Matters Most,” heralds their infectious debut LP Here It Comes due May 5th. I sat down with charming indie rock foursome to discuss their latest studio effort and unearth the saucy truth about what goes down in the recording studio. 

Why is “It’s What Happens Next That Matters Most” the perfect second single? What does it indicate about your upcoming LP due in May?

It’s not technically a single but more of an album taster. We wanted to put something out there that shows another side to our sound. I guess it shows a more sentimental, reflective side to our music, which is certainly a feature on the album. 

How is England’s indie music scene different? Has any other indie scene influenced you, and if so, how?

 I suppose it’s quite eclectic, there’s kind of a grunge revival thing going on at the moment, which is of course influenced by the Seattle scene. However I wouldn’t say that we get particularly caught up in any one scene but take bits from here and there as we roll along. Sometimes American bands pop up that don’t seem to be part of any scene (although we may just not be aware of it, being on the other side of the Atlantic) and we get pretty excited. Like Vampire Weekend or Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. 

What is the most important thing your upcoming studio effort Here It Comes conveys about you as a band?

Hopefully that we make good music. We all have an emotional connection with the songs and so it will be great if other people get that as well.

You have two EP’s under your belt. Has recording an LP been a different creative journey for you? What was the most challenging aspect?

It’s definitely different because you’re splitting your energy between so many different songs and moving between them all the time. So I guess the most challenging thing is trying to focus in on whatever song your working on at any given time and make sure you are in the right headspace for it, especially when switching from something high tempo and energetic to more of a ballad….and you’ve just drunk a load of coffee. 

Please go into more detail about why you were shirtless when recording your latest single. How was it conducive to your creative flow? What are the chances of you filming a music video bottomless?

Well apart from the stifling heat it just brings us closer together and makes us feel like butch men/warriors. A little know fact about us is that anytime we are shot from the waist up, we’re trouser less. It’s just a rule we have. 

You’ve locked some global gigs with Burberry (including your front man Samuel Fry modeling for them). What has that been like for you? How has that specific audience received your music and style? What’s your favorite item in the Burberry gift bags?

Extremely surreal. One minute we’re eating Coco Pops in our PJ’s sat in front of the telly, The next minute we’re eating Coco pops in the PJ’s provided by the airline sat in front of a significantly smaller telly, on a first class flight to Japan. It’s been a great way to get our music out to people who may otherwise not have heard it. 

Where are you going sonically with your new album? Has the end product been clear from the start or did it change as you recorded it?

You can never really know how it will sound in the end as it all comes together as part of a process. We tried to do each song as much justice as possible by capturing the right atmosphere for its sentiment. Each time we started a new song Stephen had us looking at different guitar sounds that could add to the mood. We used different vocal mics depending on the song and just generally went with our hearts on what felt good at the time. 

Tell me about the inspiration for the album? Was it collective or were each of you inspired by different things and it eventually amalgamated into what we’re going to hear in a few months?

 Well we are all inspired by different things everyday and I think we bring that to the writing process naturally without too much thought. We all have different personalities, which sometimes pulls songs in different directions, and allows us to put the melody and lyrics into different musical contexts to see which one we get the biggest buzz out of as a group. 

Has your live performance going to change to match your music, and if so, how?

 I think our live sound has always been a bit heavier and more chaotic than our recordings because we can completely let loose. Having the album recorded give us a good reference point though in terms of how the parts connect to one another and how the songs fit together as a whole. 

What kind of mark do you want to imprint in the indie scene when your LP drops in May?

We just want to get our record out to people and then go and play to them in person and celebrate our mutual love of good times.