Justin Orvis Steimer

Photographs by Elene Damenia
Written by Elene Damenia

Studio visits and tea talks with artists at their work/live spaces are the best ways to get know the person, see their art from a new perspective, and see the atmosphere where they create. Bushwick is a hot spot for lofts and studios for both young and old, and famous or even infamous artists from all over the world and it’s like a living gallery walking along its streets and bumping into new people. I was lucky enough to meet Justin Orvis Steimer, observe his process, and experience some of his energy and he is truly one of those artists whose work has stories to tell far beyond the gallery walls.


Justin’s amazing Bushwick studio is in a former school building, which got a facelift and was converted into live-in lofts studios, with super high ceilings, and big bright windows. The space is so special and well decorated that apparently Justin often hosts photo shoots for various fashion magazines.


Justin’s room has a DJ set with an impressive vinyl collection as well as a bath tab in the middle of the room and reflecting sunrays that create a magical rainbow effect that follows you everywhere. There are only a few of his works on display as he’s recently sold out almost everything.


I learned that the canvasses Justin uses are made from boat sails, which he cuts and sews together. When he starts to paint he does not have an idea of what the end result will look like, he just follows the flow and in the end when he looks at the painting it’s more about the feeling and energy of the process and what was surrounding him at the time. Naturally, he is known for doing live painting sessions in public spaces.  



Like the sails that serve as his canvasses Justin wants to travel around the world and absorb all of the different energy. Leaving him, his works, and the small glimpse I got into his life left me with enough good energy for the rest of the day so I’m sure that owning a piece of his work would provide that on a daily basis…and who wouldn’t want that!

Justin Orvis Steimer is represented by Tinca Art