Dean Dempsey

Dean Dempsey

During his residency in Munich, New York-based artist Dean Dempsey created a body of new work that is currently featured in his first solo show in New York City. Incorporating videos and paintings in addition to his photography, Dempsey invites his audience to experience his work through a voyeuristic eye.

Challenging the taboo, Dempsey portrays his subjects in a space that purposely makes the viewer feel as though they had just intruded on a private moment. Instead of feeding into the negative connotations that surround the subject of voyeurism, Dempsey asks his audience to take on the role as the spectator. In accepting that role, one witnesses provocative women captured in intimate moments, highlighting the reality of invasive observation.

In addition to his photography, Dempsey’s show also features short clips shown on the walls and two small television sets. Dancing on the brink of avant-garde, the short films highlight rudimentary human beauty at a familiar level. Despite its ambiguous nature, the viewer is invited to explore the duality of the human subconscious through lucid, but effective motifs. Dean Dempsey’s show runs now through November 7th at BOSI Contemporary (48 Orchard St).

A selection of the work will be on view downstairs at BOSI Contemporary from November 14th through January 11th.

Video by Melissa Fortunatti
Edited by Daniel Arena
Written by Greg Mania