Brighten the Corners


While we’ve filled these pages with exposed flesh, candid quotes, controversial artists and the like, what’s often most censored from the end result is the process behind the images themselves. Whether employing Photoshop, or merely lighting and angles, most of the images seen here have been manipulated in some way to deceive the eye and perhaps the viewer all for the […]

Cindy Gallop: Unchained

Cindy Gallop
photographed in The Black Apartment
NYC - 07.11.14
Credit: Jonathan Grassi

“My aesthetic is much like my life—entirely accidental,” remarks entrepreneurand outspoken provocatrice Cindy Gallop sitting casually ona muted gray furcouch in the infamous Black Apartment. A polarizing featof interior design,Gallop’s monochromatic abode has been featured in numerous blog posts,editorials, and as the clubby backdrop for the 2005 posthumous Biggie Smallsvideo “Nasty Girl.”“You’re looking at my […]

House of Riot


Subsequent to being catcalled on the streets, model, artist, and activist Ollie Henderson did what any other millennial would do: post a diatribe on Facebook regarding the trite and overwhelmingly archaic social climate we live in. After garnering attention for her bold wardrobe choices during last year’s Fashion Week (like donning a casual “Suck My […]

Everything Your Black Heart Desires


Hvnter Gatherer offers a range of handcrafted accessories in the only colors that matter: black and grey.  The gorgeously designed objects range form the subtle to statement pieces and can easily be worn but the dark hearted of any gender.I’ve selected a few of my favorite’s to share with you:Santroini Ring – LuxNamed for the […]


we the people

Hunter Barnes & Todd DiCiurcio “We The People” @ Melet Mercantile GalleryWords by Kurt McVeyPortrait by Mick RockThis evening, in the intimate Melet Mercantile Gallery space that shares a floor with Bob Melet’s incomparable vintage thrift store in SoHo, Todd DiCiurcio and Hunter Barnes will be holding court for their latest duel photography and contemporary art exhibition […]

Martin Krüger

Martin Krüger

<br /><strong><em>Martin Krüger</em></strong><br />Written by Omar Nasir<br />Photography by Martin Krüger<br /> Produced by Jake Freeman</br><br />German photographer Martin Krüger has carved a niche in the art world with an arresting, visceral sense of portraiture. Illuminating a range of artists exuding strong emotional and physical self-identities, Krüger challenges society’s limited standards of beauty. Each portrait is […]