We all have moments, or days, where our mind is just somewhere off in the clouds. If we
could capture a photograph of someone being on “cloud nine” I believe this is what it
would look like.

Our subject, sitting peacefully, with the most pure, happy, soft
expression, hovering in a peaceful daze. The blue sky surrounds them as clouds dance
in the distance. – Atarah Atkinson (Photographer) atkinson_creem_cloud9_spread_1_web atkinson_creem_cloud9_spread_2_web atkinson_creem_cloud9_spread_3_web atkinson_creem_cloud9_spread_4_web atkinson_creem_cloud9_spread_5_web atkinson_creem_cloud9_spread_6_web atkinson_creem_cloud9_spread_7_web atkinson_creem_cloud9_spread_8_web

PHOTOGRAPHER Atarah Atkinson @atarah_atkinson_photography
MODEL Jack Donovan w/ NYM @iamjackdonovan @newyorkmodels
STYLIST Marisa Ellison @marisasadiestyles
MAKEUP Clara Rae @clara_rae
HAIR Elizabeth Shanefelter @bethshanefelter